Keeping with the tradition of the previous International Dyke Conferences (IDC 1-2-3), the conference proceedings will be published in a special IDC5 publication by AA Balkema.


Prof.  Eero Hanski

University of Oulu

Department of Geosciences

P.O.Box 3000

FIN-90014 University of Oulu


Dr. Satu Mertanen

Geological Survey of Finland

Department of Geophysics

P.O.Box 96 

FIN-02151 Espoo



Prof. Tapani Rämö

University of Helsinki

Department of Geology

P.O.Box 64

FI-00014 University of Helsinki



Maximum number of pages per paper should be 15 and shorter contributions are encouraged.  

We had a meeting during the IDC5 conference - IDC4 and IDC5 proceedings - compilation?

More info is coming soon -next week!

The exact format required can be viewed on the Balkema website: